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In light of recent activities, this is a suggested wiki page and/or post pinned to the forums. Thoughts?

(I ripped off the relevant guidelines from Twitter and reworded).

Whonix Platform Goals

Developers believe that everyone has the right to private and secure browsing, communications, and hosting of services on the Internet. The Whonix platform has been expressly created to achieve these intended goals. As outlined on the [[Main_Page|Main Page]], the primary user groups are:

  • People who value privacy as a fundamental right.
  • Average computer users in repressed or censored environments.
  • Investigators and whistle-blowers.
  • Researchers, government officials and business-people.
  • Journalists.
  • Political activists.

If there is any doubt, Whonix was never designed to hide users who engage in criminal/unlawful acts. Neither was it intended for abusive users who wish to anonymously harass others, or otherwise undertake legally or morally questionable behaviors.

Whonix Forum Goals

Reminder: The primary forum aims include: education, fostering innovation and cooperation, resolution of Whonix problems, further improvement of Whonix security and privacy for all users, and assistance to individuals so they can safely achieve their (legal) goals.

Before engaging in the forums or requesting assistance, first thoroughly search the Whonix documentation. Many common questions have already been addressed in relevant chapters.

If suitable information cannot be located, please refer to the following rules before posting. Users who violate these rules may have their accounts suspended or deleted without notice.

User Code of Conduct

Do not post topics or information which:

  • Violate trademarks or copyright.
  • Include graphic content. For example, pornographic or excessively violent media or images.
  • Are intended to further unlawful/illegal activities. For example, anonymous purchase of drugs or information about hacking.
  • Abuse other users, for example:
    – Violent threats.
    – Incitement or engaging in targeted abuse or harassment of others.
    – Hateful conduct promoting violence or threats based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability or disease.
  • Reveal private information of other users.
  • Impersonate other users.
  • Encourage self-harm or suicide.
  • Promote or invite spam. This includes:
    – Selling Whonix usernames or other account information.
    – Malware/phishing.
    – Promotion or sale of illegal items or services. For example, fake or skimmed passports or licenses, hacked personal/financial/other data, hacking services, weapons, prostitution services, drug websites and so on.
    – Repeatedly post information unrelated to Whonix and associated activities, or duplicating content across sub-forums.
    – Purposefully post false or misleading content/links.
    – Promote third-party software or services purely for personal benefit.

Users who create multiple accounts to sidestep these rules will also be banned.

This list is inexhaustive. The moderators reserve the right to remove material and ban user accounts which engage in inappropriate or illegal behavior which fall outside of these guidelines.

If you have any questions or suggested improvements regarding this Code of Conduct, please contact the moderators in the first instance.

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Good day,

Our forum actually already has rules which may be found here: https://forums.whonix.org/faq

Have a nice day,



Ah, good. Don’t know how I missed that.

It looks good, except a search for the terms “illegal” or “unlawful” doesn’t reveal anything. I think it needs to be clearly outlined somewhere there, where it talks about harassment, porn etc.

Let’s face it, an unknown number of users look to TAILS, Whonix and other platforms for (no doubt) hacking purposes, drug purchases and so on. Then, when it gets raised again in the forums (which it will), one can point to the section of the FAQ.

It would only need to be a one-liner addition.


I think this an unnecessary formality and that Codes of Conduct are
a loaded term with a lot of baggage. As you might already know, Codes of Conduct are being pushed by an agenda to to restrict open source project developers’ freedom of speech and to sow division between participants to destroy the said projects.

So no I don’t think we should adopt one. Moderation of any non-criminal activity posts should be done on a case by case basis.

*The word unlawful can be made clear to mean in German jurisdiction if you think that’s too vague.


I don’t mind either way.

Free speech is critical I agree, so long as Whonix is not endangered or appears to be endorsing (via omission) any unseemly conduct that give any authorities an excuse to clamp down on the project. I guess that requires strict moderation, as issues arise.

Since CoCs would appear to be more dangerous than useful, forget I mentioned it.

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I didn’t have https://forums.whonix.org/faq in my mind at all, so didn’t consider this the forum rules. (Also since linked from nowhere.)

Laws apply whether we mention them in the forum rules or not. And by law, we’re not required to have a TOS or state that laws apply. How nice, how lucky. (I know it wasn’t a legal argument.)

The issue with written rules is, once you have them, people start lawyering about the rules.

I doubt a lot people are reading the rules anyhow even if there is a link somewhere. Especially not the few offending users.

If we have laws (TOS), do we also need separation of powers (legislative, judiciary, executive), elections and whatnot? :wink:

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In my experience it helped to narrow the focus of aspects of the Whonix project (“positioning”). By preventing it too much open for interpretation, non-productive debates can emerge. Therefore I recently tagged some posts #project-philosophy and updated my view on this one too.

I’ve discussed objections by @HulaHoop, addressed them and created:


Thanks for reconsidering.

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