Forgot Password link old/Whonix blocked

Whonix forum sends non-workable password resets.

Sorry, that password change link is too old. Select the Log In button and use ‘I forgot my password’ to get a new link.

If you live in Riot Prone areas also Whonix Gateway does not connect.

It gets stuck at loading certificates or earlier. This has been on and off for a week now. I guess it took a while for “them” to adjust and now it does not work at all.

Tor is probably being blocked in your area. Have you tried bridges?


I went back to previous versions too with obfs 3. Yes I tried the Meek Azure and OBFS4. AnonSurf by Parrot still works. If you have a new version please also post on Keybase to avoid DDOS like this example: htts://keybase.pub/qubes_i2p

I know things take time… no rush.

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