Force Whonix gateway to VPN ONLY connections In adapter

Hi. Since i use a VPN before whonix gateway on Windows 7, and those VPN KILL SWITCHES are not 100% safe, i found people that mentioned the alternative to force a VM to connect ONLY TROUGH THE WINDOWS VPN ADAPTER.
So, if vpn disconnects, and adapter goes down, the whonix gateway machine can not connect to internet.

How do i do that?

First of all, don’t use Windows, because then nothing else really matters as per:


And if you must use Windows then your question is rather a Windows than a Whonix specific question, therefore should be asked in Windows specific support places as per:


patrick, how would i know if i broke security in another forum messing with the network adapter?

I don’t know what you mean by that.

What do you mean by that? Like clearnet IP leaks? I.e. your real external IP visible to remote servers?

Needs a lot better description what you did in order to be able to answer.

Hard to say at the moment… Either you don’t. Or maybe https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Dev/Leak_Tests helps.

In another forum, this is whoinix forum and you told me to look for the answer somewhere else.

There are some methods to do that (whonix gateway with w “kill switch like”) but i dont master them.
I did read some methods of messing with windows firewall to block any non vpn connections, including virtualbox, and that sounded complicated, including messing around with many programs.

Then i found 3 people that do that in a MEGA SIMPLE way, messing with adaptors in virtualbox.
Somehow, linking the NAT first virtualbox adapter to the VPN WINDOWS ADAPTER.

Anyway, i am not an expert but i remember you, patrick, some years ago, writing about “DONT USE BRIDGE, USE NAT” in whonix because was safer.
So, in the HOST>VPN>WHONIX scheme, whould be GREAT to teach us how to do that in a SAFE way.

Plus, you can add that to whonix docs, and more:
Since i did read in whonix documentation a warning about HOW TO CLEAN TOR ENTRY GUARD WHEN CHANGING LOCATION, to change vpn to HOME location, in case of a disconnect, we would also endanger disclosure.

So, please, is faster you teach us how to do that than write all that you did to tell me to find help somewhere else.

And i know windows sucks, but is my only possibility now.
Better whonix in windows than tor browser with nothing else.


Sorry to say, but I don’t have time anymore to help with setting up such complicated setups. Unfortunately VPNs with fail safe mechanisms are complicated to set up.

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