Force Whonix gateway to VPN ONLY connections In adapter

Hi. Since i use a VPN before whonix gateway on Windows 7, and those VPN KILL SWITCHES are not 100% safe, i found people that mentioned the alternative to force a VM to connect ONLY TROUGH THE WINDOWS VPN ADAPTER.
So, if vpn disconnects, and adapter goes down, the whonix gateway machine can not connect to internet.

How do i do that?

First of all, don’t use Windows, because then nothing else really matters as per:

Computer Security Education - Whonix

And if you must use Windows then your question is rather a Windows than a Whonix specific question, therefore should be asked in Windows specific support places as per:

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patrick, how would i know if i broke security in another forum messing with the network adapter?

I don’t know what you mean by that.

What do you mean by that? Like clearnet IP leaks? I.e. your real external IP visible to remote servers?

Needs a lot better description what you did in order to be able to answer.

Hard to say at the moment… Either you don’t. Or maybe Leak Tests helps.

In another forum, this is whoinix forum and you told me to look for the answer somewhere else.

There are some methods to do that (whonix gateway with w “kill switch like”) but i dont master them.
I did read some methods of messing with windows firewall to block any non vpn connections, including virtualbox, and that sounded complicated, including messing around with many programs.

Then i found 3 people that do that in a MEGA SIMPLE way, messing with adaptors in virtualbox.
Somehow, linking the NAT first virtualbox adapter to the VPN WINDOWS ADAPTER.

Anyway, i am not an expert but i remember you, patrick, some years ago, writing about “DONT USE BRIDGE, USE NAT” in whonix because was safer.
So, in the HOST>VPN>WHONIX scheme, whould be GREAT to teach us how to do that in a SAFE way.

Plus, you can add that to whonix docs, and more:
Since i did read in whonix documentation a warning about HOW TO CLEAN TOR ENTRY GUARD WHEN CHANGING LOCATION, to change vpn to HOME location, in case of a disconnect, we would also endanger disclosure.

So, please, is faster you teach us how to do that than write all that you did to tell me to find help somewhere else.

And i know windows sucks, but is my only possibility now.
Better whonix in windows than tor browser with nothing else.

Tor - Whonix

Sorry to say, but I don’t have time anymore to help with setting up such complicated setups. Unfortunately VPNs with fail safe mechanisms are complicated to set up.