Flathub repository default enabled? Whonix 17

I have a question about flathub repositories. Are they enabled by default in whonix17? I installed monero gui Monero (XMR): A Reasonably Private Digital Currency

but I forgot to do step 2 - turn on the flathub repository. The application installed normally. Does this mean that these repositories are already enabled? Or does it not affect the installation if they are enabled? And should I turn them on according to the instructions now?

Flathub is not enabled by default as of Whonix - for VirtualBox - Point Release! but there are plans to enable Flathub by default in the next point release.

The development forum thread where this was notified is here:

Yes. I would assume you enabled it previously. Otherwise you would not be able to install anything.

If it’s installed, it’s installed. No further action required.