fixing wiki blockquote font size


currently looks horrible in the wiki. The font is too big. Does anyone know how to fix this?


//cc @Ego @fortasse @torjunkie

Fixed (well, I assume you wanted it the same size as everything else) as seen in

The css change if you’re interested:

/* fix blockquote font size */

blockquote p {
    font-size: 14px;

/* end fix blockquote font size */

If you have any other blockquote-related css changes you want to make, you can do it in the block at the bottom of MediaWiki:Common.css - Whonix.


Yay, that’s great!

On a related note, can we reduce the size/impact of the break (br /) function also?

For example, look at my recent changes to this template here:


The 1 x break (br /) insert make its look like there is two or three carriage returns between the lines, when ideally you’d have a one line gap between text blocks?

But, the (br /) function seems to work okay in blockquotes okay e.g. see this example in first quote here:


What gives?

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I wonder why we need <br /> inside blockquotes anyhow. For me that’s a bug.

This is a symptom of how Mediawiki interprets
tags. It puts them in their own

tag (for whatever reason) and our stylesheet has a margin of 10px on


I don’t know of any way to fix this without making all other

elements be squished together as a side effect.

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Another mediawiki issue.

Note that when wiki entries have the normal (non-footnoted) text ending in bullet points, the references (footnotes) lose their numbering [1, 2, 3…] and instead have bullet points in place of those numbers.

This appears in many places throughout the entire wiki.

Here’s one example, my edits here:



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Perhaps if someone manages to successfully explain that issue to the mediawiki developers and create a bug report.