[fixed] File /var/run/control-port-filter-python/pid does not exist

in whonix-gateway:-

ERROR: Control Port filter Proxy Test Result:
File /var/run/control-port-filter-python/pid does not exist
Please report this whonix bug!

also whonixcheck wont run.

o/ Patrick,

I can confirm I am getting the exact same error in the Gateway that @nurmagoz reported earlier today.

I am running Gateway 9.6 with the Testers repo. I saw this error upon completion of an apt-get update which required more than 100 packages, and after that process finished without error, I rebooted.

The /var/run/control-port-filter-python/pid does not exist error appeared following that first fully updated boot.

Please let me know what is driving this error.

Thanks for your continuing effort, Patrick.

This is build version (downloaded version or upgraded?

Corrupt Correct Pig:

  • FYI, you are now effectively running Debian package version (currently: testers-only) and build version 9.6. (Neutral statement.)
  • Can you check please if you have control-port-filter-python installed? And what version? You can find out using this command.
dpkg -l | grep control-port

Should be…

ii  control-port-filter-python                                 3:0.4-1                            all          Whitelisting filter for dangerous Tor control protocol commands

If not - maybe - could also be an inconstancy of mirrors. Perhaps not all mirrors have upgraded. If you update again, perhaps it will fix itself.

Same, what whonixcheck version?

this is appeared on whonix 9.6 tester repository , not in whonix 10.


On my linux host, in the 9.6 Gateway, I’ve got control-port, 3:0.4-1 and whonixsetup 3:0.5-1 installed. However, I will need to also check the installed versions on my Win host, where I first saw this problem. I should be able to access that box by tomorrow at some point - and will follow-up.



On my Win host, in the whonix 9.6 gateway with verified Testers repo enabled, I had:

control-port 3:1.1-1 installed, and
whonixsetup 3:1.3-1 installed.

control-port-filter-python was not installed. I installed it (version 3:0.4-1), re-ran sudo apt-get update, and the original error:

‘File /var/run/control-port-filter-python/pid does not exist’

No longer exists.

So now the question is, if control-port-filter-python is a dependency of the gateway, how come it was not previously installed? I still have not seen this gateway error on my linux host.


Same answer:

Because no one noticed, that the whonix-gateway package actually got uninstalled during apt-get dist-upgrade due to a packaging error. (See: Whonix Forum)

On build version there is no package migration control-port-filter → control-port-filter-python, so this issue doesn’t happen.

Hi Patrick,

I think we can mark this issue as Closed. I have tested apt-get update, using the (now) updated Testers’ Repository on the Gateway using Windows and Linux (under both VirtualBox and KVM) hosts, and the errors no longer exist.

Thanks again.

CCP 8)