[fixed] cant use right ctrl to went out from whonix with double virtualboxes!

im testing whonix with double virtualboxes , what do i mean by this?

my original host operating system is windows 8.1 ,then i have installed the virtualbox on it then i setuped windows XP (extended updates till 2019) in the virtualbox, then i also downloaded the virtualbox on the windows XP, then i installed whonix in the virtualbox of windows xp which is also inside the virtualbox that installed on windows 8.1. simple steps going to be:-

windows 8.1 => virtualbox => windows XP => virtualbox=> whonix OS

so to go out from whonix mouse capture control , i should press Right Ctrl (which is working if the equation going to be windows 8.1 => virtualbox => whonix OS). but according to the test above the Right Ctrl seems to be not working (or …etc) in whonix with double virtualboxes.

so is that problem from whonix OS? or the virtualbox itself?

hope to c ur answer thnx.

Non-Whonix specific, general VirtualBox question.

Change your host key. Documented here and some additional advice for better performance: