Firewall issues KVM Kicksecure

I’m guessing this is a firewall issue, in Kicksecure the internet works I can update just fine, but when I open secbrowser theres no connection, other applications like brave browser can’t connect either.

I think this is a firewall issue that popped up recently also in whonix, in whonix workstation I notice that brave browser can’t connect probably because of the firewall as well.

The only application I know of that is working is torbrowser in whonix, everything else seems to fail to connect. Also I am not familiar with whatever firewall system kicksecure is using and couldn’t even figure out what firewall it has. How would I make applications such secbrowser and brave be able to work properly?

Extra info: Host is manjaro, but everything was working fine on manjaro before

Kicksecure does not come with firewall rules last time I checked. Both Kicksecure and Whonix come with iptables.

See existing rules with $ sudo iptables -S

This might be more likely to be an issue with your host. However, Whonix does have something called a TransPort (transparent proxy) that is possible to be disabled. If it is, user-installed programs might have to be configured manually before they connect.

Kicksecure: try disable DNSCrypt or wait for next version where this
will be default.

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