Failed 8 to 9 upgrade

Hi, I tried to upgrade whonix workstation from 8 to 9 following this guide

I tried running it against the old 8 gateway as well as a newly downloaded 9 gateway. There’s no internet connection and the whonix related programs are all missing.

Terminal log

Same issue here too - see https://www.whonix.org/forum/index.php/topic,693.0.html.

1st preference is to upgrade so I can retain my data.

Alternative option to restart from ~.ova and transfer data doesn’t work either. I cannot mount .vdi file to release 9.x

Has anyone managed to mount .vdi on release 9.x?


Please create a separate thread per separate question/issue.

Just now added:

Upgrading Whonix 8 to Whonix 9 is no longer supported. (Unless someone volunteers to fix it.)

Sorry about that.

[quote=“mutsuura, post:1, topic:664”]Patrick

I downloaded ~.ova’s for release 9 instead. Again, tried to follow instructions per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/File_Transfer#Transfer_files_from_the_Whonix_Workstation_into_a_different_Whonix-Workstation_through_a_VDI_file.

Got as far as instantiating a VDI on workstation 8.x and transferring my data to it successfully. However, I cannot mount the VDI to workstation 9.x. Followed instructions to copy VDI via virtualbox media manager, and added copy to workstation 9.x storage configuration. When I start workstation 9.x it does not recognize ‘sdb1’ ergo I cannot mount.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Moved here:

[quote=“Patrick, post:4, topic:663”]Just now added:

Upgrading Whonix 8 to Whonix 9 is no longer supported. (Unless someone volunteers to fix it.)

Sorry about that.[/quote]
Any tips for rescuing my image? Could I load some older repos onto a USB and then downgrade with it as a software source?

Downgrade would be even harder.

You could manually download the missing packages from a functional system, then install the missing packages in the broken system.

For each.

apt-get download package-name
dpkg -i package-name

Dunno if that can work. Maybe you need some time to figure out the sequence to fit dependencies.

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