Extended Downtime for Onion Services?

I’m having persistent failures (at least two weeks) when trying to connect to Whonix and Qubes hidden services. I’ve double checked the addresses, but still have the same problem. Can anyone help?

Hi 9jnc7

I have intermittent connectivity issues with Whonix and Qubes v3 onions but only lasting for a short time(a few hours). This is usually due to Tor congestion etc.

There could be a few reasons why this is happening to you

  • Your Tor entry guard has rotated. The new guard has poor throughput

  • Tor and/or Qubes, Whonix v3 .onions are congested at the time of the day you are trying to connect

  • Using the wrong Whonix and Qubes addresses

If you can connect to other v2 and v3 .onion hidden service I would say the problem is related to what I mentioned above.

Possible solutions

One other thing. Have you onionized the Whonix repositories? If so, are you able to update your system?


Hi @0brand,
Thanks for the support.

I didn’t think about that. The problem resolved itself a short time later. I’ve had issues like this since Tor introduced v3 onions. I guess it’s code problems or congestion issues.

For the most part. I’ll just say the Qubes 4.0 migration has been challenging. :slight_smile:

I’m with you on that one.

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