Expected release date of whonix 8?

Just wonder, sorry if its a stupid question but I think the current version have alot of bugs and work arounds, and im not really that advanced user so its hard to keep up with it all. So when does adrenalos think the release will take place of whonix 8?

I read the thread earlier about few people donating, I would like to encourage people to do it, and I hope in the future there will be some way to subscribe and pay monthly for some “extra service” maybe forum fee or something where u can get good feedback, but the whonix version still be free etc.

I will donate as soon as I get ahold of bitcoins. im not that rich but I hope it will make a difference.

Duplicate topic.

Gist of it.


Safe to say it won’t be February (IMO).

Sorry bout that mate, will try using search function properly next time :slight_smile:

Thank you for links