Exit node bans. How to stop it

Tor users are already damn tired of that unholy bans. I will propose a known way to get rid of that rhino droppings.
The way is for tor users on the host system, not for whonix where you can use tor-vpn.

  1. Install tor, sudo apt-get install tor or emerge -av tor
  2. sudo apt-get install privoxy or emerge -av privoxy
  3. sudo apt-get install xombrero or emerge -av xombrero
    Beware that webkit-gtk used by xombrero must be compiled with all USE flags OFF. For debian it means getting to source code, see ./configure --help or ./configure --features or read README how to switch off all features and then compile webkit-gtk. Only then you may compile xombrero and install xombrero.
  4. Read xombrero manual how to spoof user-agent, languages strings to match tor browser.
  5. run privoxy: sudo service privoxy start
  6. Edit xombrero configs to point to as http, ssl and other proxy servers except for socks.
  7. Edit /etc/privoxy/config
    add 2 lines to the end:
    forward-socks4a / .
    forward-socks4a *.linuxquestions.org your_proxy_ip:your_proxy_port
  8. Start tor: sudo service tor start
    Now all sites will be browsable directly via tor and linuxquestions.org via the chain tor->proxy
  9. The only question is where to get fast proxies lists which do not shut down for a long time.
    This solution has one advantage over tor—>vpn ie your tor exit node will normally change each 10 minutes while with tor+vpn tor-circuit remains the same.

There is a plugin called agent rotator for mozilla products mentioned on prism-break.org It may help but unfortunately it’s not installable into old versions of firefoxes which may prevent you from using it if you don’t want to upgrade. Using header faker like http proxy would be preferable.

Another easy solution is found. Use metager.de for search. Then you can instead of directly following the link press anonym öffnen.
Metager.de gives links to torrents, etc. I like it.