Exclude nodes help

How to exclude nodes in whonix? Where should this be applied…Gateaway or Workstation?

The same way as done with Tor anywhere. Please refer to their manual. The setting needs to be applied on the GW.

It is not a good idea for many reasons, but I think you know that.


You should not exclude nodes. It doesn’t increase anonymity, it just worsens it and if you think you’ve found a malicious exit node then contact the Tor Project and if it is found to be malicious, it will be blacklisted from the network.

Excluding nodes from the 14 eyes doesn’t increase anonymity if that is what you’re trying to achieve. It will also likely not exclude all nodes from the 14 eyes anyway as you can’t get a 100% accurate location from an IP.

If you really need to do this then add ExcludeNodes (node_fingerprint) to your torrc.


Thanks for your advice.

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