Error building Whonix gateway on physical hardware


Well there is this thread Whonix - Raspberry Pi where it’s easy and fun for me to work with @Algernon. Clever questions being asked, and clean pull requests being submitted. Exemplary. I didn’t try it myself and I am glad someone else maintains it. That also gave the Whonix project better Whonix-Gateway CLI support on the way. Why not read that thread, try out @Algernon’s work and see how it works? That thread should be a good start to see where we are now. Other than that I don’t really know what’s missing. I welcome any work on it since it gets more eyes on Whonix build script and everything. Helps to streamline, clean up, etc.

Part of the work is upstream related.

Do you think you could finish this pull request work?

Do you think you could implement the following in grml-debootstrap?

Not really sure I understood your question and answered it.


This is great. I will add a friend of mine, ferrit. He is a Pi Wizard. Let us see what we could gather. I would really love to see a legendary work like Whonix on a handy thing like Pi.


@Patrick @Algernon Quick question regarding making the VMDK file usable on a hard disk. I reached the point where I have to edit the resolv.conf and 30_non-qubes-whonix file. I am just confused what should I change the resolv.conf into. I see
nameserver and 254.


Any help on this? @Algernon @Patrick


Normally it depends on your upstream router what you put in there. For VirtualBox it would be, in most cases it would something like or As said, depends on your network. For Whonix you can also use or nothing at all. Dunno if it breaks something, normal networking seems to work.


Great, last puzzle solved. Onto writing the image :smiley: Will come back with more doubts :smiley: @Algernon