Entire Desktop Missing

This is really becoming an issue for me… I have to continue to remove and add again the workstation to VB in hope that my desktop will appear…

So, i’m running Debian 64 bit on my host and i’ve installed vb and Whonix but when I start the machines, 9 times out of 10 my desktop and icons are not visible once they fully start. It still appears to be fully functional through terminal which is all i can pull up (though I havent done much) but this is very annoying and I cant find a resolution for it. Im new to whonix overall so I dont know anything very technical to fix it. Any suggestions or a out right fix???

No idea.

The start menu is still accessible?

What happens if you resize, un-maximize, maximize the VBox VM window? Does that fix it?

Nope, nothing is accessible from desktop. I can still type in short cut commands like F2 for instance will still bring up konsole…I dont know what the problem is. Also, the scroll bar to the right is really small and I can move it up and down but its nothing but a blank desktop.

can u take a screenshot or printscreen to the problem , and give more details about the problem

try to increase the ram or enable the 3d from the virtualbox and c

try also remove and re-install vbox itself and c whats happen

try to check ur pc functionality if any driver missing or conflicting

because no one would know the issue except if he know the real cause of it

Try remove VBox guest additions:

sudo apt-get purge virtualbox-guest-*


(As per Whonix ™ - Anonymous Operating System)

Otherwise - for debugging purposes - forget about Whonix for a while. Try Debian in a VM. Wheezy (Whonix 10). Or forget about that and get Debian Jessie (Whonix 11 - to be released "soonish"I). See how Debian works. Any issues? If not, try installing guest additions.

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-*

If it still works? Report back here. Otherwise, it’s a non-Whonix issue and you’re best off working with the Debian and/or VirtualBox support/communities getting this solved.