Electrum AppImage Issues


Installation on Whonix XFCE after following the directions in the wiki shows that the AppImage cannout be mounted, because of “Fuse”, and gives this link for further information.

The electrum appimage ran after running “sudo apt-get install fuse”, but the question remains is this secure?


I would also like to get involved with this project, I think it is amazing! Should I update the wiki after finding the solution to this, so anyone else coming along has an easier time? Can anybody submit changes to the wiki?


feel free to do so , but make sure you dont damage the content and try your best with organizing things. Thank you :upside_down_face:

cc @0brand @torjunkie


Thanks for your interest. Yes anyone can help out. When coming up with instructions, make sure you include appimage signature verification steps so users are not running a tainted version. Feel free to post on our wiki edits mega-thread for input on contributions:

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Hey HulaHoop, thank you for packaging everything up for us regular people. I believe software such as this will become very mainstream in the future, as people start to become aware of the extent of mass-surveillance.

HulaHoop - do any security precautions come to mind with installing “fuse”? I’m not seeing much from my searching.


Yes like anything you would install. Fuse is a package available from Debian repos so you should be able to retrieve it safely by following the instructions on the page you linked to.

sudo apt install fuse

Next you need to adjust group permissions because the fuse package interacts with filesystems in the kernel. (also in that guide)


Hey HulaHoop, thanks for the reply.
I am still learning, so sorry if these are stupid questions. Hopefully soon I will become proficient and involved.
I did not understand what those further commands did, so after doing “sudo apt install fuse”, I tried to run the appimage, and it started up just fine. Is this a security risk to not do the further commands listed, since it is interacting with the file system in an unsecure way?

Also of note, there is a further option of extracting the appimage if you do not want to install fuse, appending “–appimage-extract” to the command. I did this and it outputted a bunch of commands, and created a new folder, but still would not run. The folder was called “squashfs-root” and inside contained a bunch of files.


These are the commands for adding fuse:

sudo apt install fuse
sudo modprobe fuse
sudo groupadd fuse

sudo usermod -a -G fuse $user

when using the command

sudo usermod -a -G fuse $user

Does the username have to be in the quotations?
Does the username require the money symbol ($) in front?

Thanks in advance


No, but you’ll need to run the rest of them for it to work properly I think.

Yes i has to be quoted. The $ symbol means it is a variable - meaning it should take on whatever the username of your system happens to be set to.


Command substitution allows the output of a command to replace the command itself. Command substitution occurs when a command is enclosed like this:

What $(whoami) is doing is running whoami. You could run that command yourself in a terminal.

Instructions for verification of electrum appimage are already included here:



How are you making out with updating electrum for Whonix 15? If you would like help with anything please let me know.


Electrum wiki maintainer.

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@userapp3 thanks for the reply bro! so I was able to get it installed and working, but I am curious why I had to do the steps I outlined above. Do you think that poses any type of security risk to install those packages? As far as I am aware, appimages are self contained and dont need any dependencies, so I am hesitant to use it because of the fact that I had to install dependencies.

I don’t have enough knowledge to help contribute, but I am working on increasing my skill set so I can contribute to this amazing project


Hi userapp3

Sorry for the late reply. For the appimage to function, package fuse https://packages.debian.org/buster/fuse must be installed on the system. If you run the following command in Whonix-Workstation 14 you will see that fuse is installed.

sudo apt --list installed | grep fuse

So fuse is ok to install in Whonix 15 as long as you use apt to install the package.

If fuse is not installed by default in Whonix 15 instructions to do so will be needed in the Whonix Electrum wiki. :wink: :wink:

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