Dual connection (theoretical)

i was asking about if we can make whonix as an .iso form. so i want to ask whati if we installed whonix gateway on computer 1 and this computer has a direct connection to the internet (because the gateway installed on it). and we connect the computer 1 with another computer let us call it 2. so computer 1 having the gateway and computer 2 having the workstation is that possible ? if not why?

also, is it possible to connect dual boot systems ? for example if we installed the gateway firstly then the workstation secondly on the same hard disk is there a way to make it connect?


Sounds like physical isolation. Check this:

You can’t run two operating systems at once from the same disk. That’s what VMs are for.

im trying to communicate with ppl who know in linux field and support for live DVD, now i have sent message to some websites like:-




if i didnt find a sufficient answer i will try another websites.

reamastersys.org , thought im gonna get an answer but till now no response

turnkeylinux.org , considered my question as a spam and deleted the topic (donno why)


“(Dear spammers: moderators are notified of all new posts. Spam is deleted immediately)”

and it is not here:-


linuxquestions.org , the only one who answered me but not useful one (because nothing new)


so long behold i have continued searching till i find this tool called “systemback”:-


i have chosen it because from what i saw , it is the only one working with debian jessie.

i have created an .iso from the workstation , but i still need to try it.

( 2 problem im facing with atm , whonix workstation cant read .iso files (donno why) nor reading my USB (donno why either) )

I guess this will be futile.

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