Download Page Changes


The Whonix download page was recently updated to reflect the supported platforms that have been available for some time.

Please check it out:



good but i think we should put the common downloading table of whonix images which r used in vbox or vmare …etc in the first place. i think 70% of whonix users r using the .ova type. kvm is great fantastic maching to use and i recommend it, but its not the commonest one because:-

1- linux in general is not commonly used yet

2- kvm in general is not commonly used yet

so the idea of the tables is great but just put the .ova first table then kvm table then …etc.

unless u gonna find ppl downloaded the two images of whonix and complaining/asking why its not working witha vbox ? and u can imagine someone has low speed internet and he downloaded whonix (u can put any imaginable time he took to establish that like 8 hours or one day …etc) and then u tell him well u have downloaded the wrong image didnt know there is something for linux only called kvm ?!

More long term plan:

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