doubts about to access a vps with whonix ..


i would like to know what is the best way to configure a vps if i want to use whonix because i’m looking for anonymity when i access to the vps

and is there any possibility to configure a tunnel ssh in this case ?

i was searching info and i find this post

why this type of setup is a huge fail ?

what is the correct setup ?

"And in the gateway, for this type of setup, most likely a strong no.

If you setup an ssh tunnel from Whonix-Gateway to the VPS, you actually de-anonymize yourself. Setting up a ssh tunnel in Whonix-Gateway results in user → ssh → Tor → Internet. Some people want this to have a longer tunnel length but in your case that would be a huge fail."


Hi @y010

Configuring a VPS is not Whonix specific and is for advanced users only. Since connecting to a VPS is unsupported you may want to try using your search engine to find configuration instructions.

Adding a VPS and tunnel link is difficult, will add significant complexity, and can decrease security and anonymity if configured/used improperly.

There is documentation for connecting to SSH however it is incomplete:

these works -

sudo apt-get install rdesktop
rdesktop -u UserName -p MyPass

sudo apt-get install ssh
ssh.anondist-orig -CND 8888 login@ip

rdesktop through ssh, in google - there are few ways if needed for some reason… not try to set higher than 256 colors via TOR cuz incredibly slow and latency, so you may try few clients eg thinlinc if they would install ok, best one comparing to nx etc imo, server setups in 1 command and connects one button…

what is described as fail - it means that TOR without VPN / SSH proxies safer that with))