Dom0 no network connection , but there is a network connection!

why this message is appearing?

btw i went to qubes-os , i didnt c any forum like this one (in whonix), if there is one then can u give me the link of it ?

also i dont know where did i go when i was browsing the qubes website i found some live discussions but it needs google account to access it. is there any other way communication ? (also not the mail communicating one lol , i feel lost when i use only mailing messages)

Don’t know.



sudo qubes-dom0-update

Qubes currently uses Google Groups for their support forum:


You can access it without a Google account, as a mailing list, via simple email:


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thnx dude :slight_smile: appreciated :-* . also i want to ask u is there any progress in making whonix to be configured/installed easier than these steps;-

Qubes/Binary Install:-

Qubes/Binary Update:-

Create Workstation AppVMs:-

Qubes/Create Gateway ProxyVMs:-

and making these similar to the ease as installing whonix in virtualbox, like for e.g:-

the same process of downloading&installing whonix (workstation & gateway) but after that both they gonna appear in VM and all configurations will be done in whonix not in qubes. similar if we download and install whonix in the virtualbox. we download the .ova and import it in the virtualbox and thats it; rather than that, all done in whonix not on the host system. hope u got my point and i hope its a working on idea.

thnx again. :wink:

You’re welcome! :smiley:


As far as making install/config easier… Not officially, no. Not at this time.

For the future…

  • I am working on an independent project that may help make things a bit easier.
  • Qubes devs have mentioned the future possibility of integrating Whonix into Qubes official installer / user interface.


Once installed, it basically does work like VirtualBox right now, except for the VMs being based on a base TemplateVM.

But the TemplateVM makes generating new active Whonix VMs much easier as well as keeping them all updated much easier.

And the OpenPGP file verification of Whonix is done automatically in the Qubes template install process too, which saves time.

Not to mention file transfers, much easier and secure.

While new to Qubes, it might be a bit disorienting and seem harder than VirtualBox.

Once you get the hang of it, I think it is easier overall.

But also remember that Qubes is a bare metal operating system, so you are replacing all the maintenance of Windows/Mac/Linux with Qubes as the base OS. All that base Qubes OS stuff is separate from Whonix.

That’s my general understanding. But if there is something specific you are noticing, I’d be happy to consider it further.

yes true that u mentioned im new to qubes and its kinda different from ubuntu or basic debian, so i need more time on it to catch the knowledge (newbie to fedora or doman zero …etc).

also im really happy to c someone in full of spiritual motivation of making whonixqubes real.

(not the nickname which is u lol , i mean whonix+qubes marriage into one OS :smiley: )

No problem! And thanks also goes to others involved, Patrick, nrgaway, Qubes devs, etc. :smiley:

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