Dom local storage

Is dom local storage in firefox a problem for privacy in firefox broswers?
I red about this question on firefox site.
I would like to make the same question to you, because i did not understand so much.
Could you please explain me what does it happen if it is setted to ‘‘true’’?
The sites will store flash cookies?
And changing one of my about:config settings, “” from “true” to “false” will enhance privacy/security?
I don’t mean only in whonix, but in every sistem that uses firefox as broswer

We recommend to use Tor Browser:

Avoid Firefox.

This is a question for Tor Browser developers. Unrelated to Whonix. But this also has already been discussed. Search term “Tor Browser dom storage”.

Patrick sorry but I think you have good skills, you certanly know what should I do. So my question is: If we use firefox, dom local storage should be enabled or not?
I saw that in tor broswer it is enabled.
I know that it stores flash cookies

I am not into this topic. The right persons to discuss this are certainly the Tor Browser developers.