Does whonix TB differ from upstream?

I am using virtualbox, my host is debian 11 (bullseye) and I used the new bash script for installing everything.
Am I missing something here or why does the tor browser look completley fake and different compared to the one I am using in my host machine? Its says versin 12.5.1, however the “connection” menu in the settings is completly missing, so the option to add bridges along with other things is just missing…

Also, when first installing I ran accepted the agreements in workstation before accepting them in the gateway, so the workstation was showing “checking tor connection” progress multiple times… maybe I should have run for the first time the gateway and then the workstation.

Is my Whonix installation tampered with or am I unaware of something here?

EDIT: regarding tor browser: additionally the current relays drop down menu in the search bar is also not there anymore

Dont understand what do you mean by fake but TB interface and some buttons do differ from TB in Whonix vs TB from Upstream running in any other OS e.g:

So as far as i can tell from your post nothing to worry about.

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Oh I see, so yeah the circuit button and the setting for connection is missing… I guess thats all about it. And what you think about my other concern? I also did a seperate post just now… Huge thanks

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All visual differences are explained in the link provided by nurmagoz.

Please read:
Malware, Computer Viruses, Firmware Trojans and Antivirus Scanners chapter Valid Compromise Indicators versus Invalid Compromise Indicators in Kicksecure wiki

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)