Does whonix have torrents available?

Yes I know, None of the reasons they mention in the “Don’t torrent” blog post are relevant to Whonix :wink:

The issue is the larger number number of circuits not their lifetime. IIRC a simple http download would only build one path through the network. If I’m misunderstanding this please correct me. I am not even sure this is a problem with circuit padding implemented anymore. Needs consulting someone familiar with this upstream.

@hulahoop. got it. yes. yes, torrents likely using a new circuit per client connections.

as for the “dirty circuit” issue with something like wget, i put together quick/dirty little script that operates on an infinite loop and kills the wget process every 10 minutes. no reason something like that couldn’t be done with a torrent client, assuming it remembers the peers on exit. i believe deluge does.