Do Whonix prevents keystroke loging on Firefox?

Dear All,
I read that Whonix prevents keystroke loging.
I think that Whonix prevents keystroke loging when using Tor.
Please do you know if

  • it is possible to install and use Firefox or Brave?
  • if Whonix prevents keystroke loging when using Firefox or Brave?
  • Please read again.
  • Citation required.


Thank you very much Patrick for your answer!
I read that “Whonix operating system prevents keystroke logging by malware residents on the users’ system.” in
javatpoint dot com/best-secure-operating-system

I recommend to check the original sources. In this case, original source would be the whonix.org website (wiki).

  • If it’s said in Whonix wiki and needs clarification: Please ask here.
  • If it’s said elsewhere: Disregard.

Thank you very much Patrick.
If I asked, it is because the whonig dot org website is way too long for me.
I’ve been looking in it and I didn’t find anything.
I’ve been thinking that it is a well known property of Whonix for the Whonix users; this is why I simply asked.

If it’s a well known feature, then it can be easily discovered using search engines in the Whonix wiki.

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