Do i need to download my VPN client in whonix workstation?


So i want to install private internet access VPN in whonix, but cant find any documentation on doing that. Do i need to install the client from their site on my whonix workstation?

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That depends on what you want to do. Which tunnel scheme you want to use. Documentation can be found here:

thanks again for the reply, Patrick.

So what i want to do is me>tor>VPN. i want to do this to help give some protection from tor exit nodes. I have read some documentation, but nothing really that fully explains set up to me. So i am a bit confused. Should i go into network manager in the whonix-workstation, choose add, then OpenVPN, and then add the credentials for my VPN service?

thanks again

I advice against the GUI tools such as network manager. Those are in my opinion harder to debug, because they provide less debug output to the user. OpenVPN command line works best.

Best we got so far are these two wiki pages.

In that case, start with Combining Tunnels with Tor for the theoretical part. After having understood this, get some hints from VPN Tunnel Setup Examples for the practical part. After having understood the Tor specific things (need to use TCP mode, identity correlation, DNS, uwt and more), also third party practical instructions can be applied.

Indeed, we don’t have unified instructions that explain all that in one go. This is because there are so many different possibilities for tunneling stuff, so that it’s hard to structure the documentation. Also some stuff, such as “disabling uwt” and/or “Tor Browser Change/Remove Proxy Settings” applies to many tunneling scenarios. Ideally, we’d split the tunneling documentation (proxy, vpn, etc.) and then import the shared bits using wiki templates. It’s quite some work no one has volunteered to do yet. Help welcome.

Hi patrick,

i found these two guides from my VPN providers site. They seem they could work even though they are written for setting up openvpn in ubuntu. I wanted you to see them and let me know if i would be able to follow one or the other. When i asked support they said they have support outside of ubuntu, but that people have had success with their vpn in other linux distros. i am hoping i can follow one of these guides.

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The PIA installer will likely work a few distros other than Ubuntu, but I would follow Patrick’s advice if I were you.

Kinda like how the most dangerous component in the modern car is the driver, the most dangerous component in ones online privacy approach is oneself. As stated boldly on Tor project’s site several times, Tor can’t protect you if you use it incorrectly.

What Patrick is suggesting is to read, absorb, and understand so that you can implement correctly. We are, sorta, in the nascent stages of online privacy, so more-than-casual understanding of how all of these tools works is vital to using them effectively.

Your goal of combining your VPN, Tor and Whonix isn’t necessarily technically difficult, but it does have several more ways it can be done incorrectly than correctly. It also isn’t necessarily the best solution, depending on what your threat model is. You mentioned, earlier, that you were a bit confused. Well, a surefire way to cure that condition is to accumulate knowledge.

I have a similar intention, so thanks a bunch for starting the topic. Since this is a “problem” with so many solutions, detailed documentation of the various approaches would be very beneficial to the community. If you or anyone else would like to work on some of those pages with me, I’m open to collaboration. I, too, have PIA and will be combing through the install script as well as the whonix wiki/TestVPN page.

We got a ticket to improve that documentation:

Help welcome.

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