DNS addresses

Hi all,

do you think it’s necessary to change DNS addresses in your browser to enhance security ?
I’m used to use internet on Virutalbox via Whonix Gateway + Windows linked (Mozilla as browser).


I think you’re best off if you use what most users use, that is dns resolved by Tor + Tor Browser (due to being the only browser having defenses against browser fingerprinting).

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Hi Patrick and thanks for your answer.
I thought that using whonix gateway associated at my operating sytem gave me enough security to surf anonymously whatever the browser i use ?


Whonix reliably routes all connections through the Tor anonymity network, but staying anonymous unfortunately nowadays also requires other stuff than hiding your IP. It’s difficult to kill the old “just hide your IP and you’re anonymous” myth and looks like we’re not doing a particular good job communicating this.

So you recommand to add a VPN upstream of [Virtualbox + Whonix + OS] and then configure socks 4/5 on my browser ?

And just another question :
i don’t understand how to configure Tor Browser Bundle on my Windows which is running with Whonix Gateway.

What I recommend: