discourse reply by e-mail broken 2

There is already:
but maybe it’s too old.
I explained this likely same broken issue here:
and here:

In short: I sent mail, with a good mailer client, via Tor, and for, IIRC, two mails I even got a discourse reply to my mailbox, but not for one mail, but neither of the three mails got through to the topics, these two linked, that they were replies to.

Works for me. As the e-mail symbol illustrates, this reply was sent via

You need to reply from the exact e-mail address that you signed up with.
If you are using multiple e-mail addresses in Thunderbird (or perhaps
other e-mail clients), these are easily confused. Both, usability wise
[1] and due to e-mail program bugs [2].

[1] In Thunderbird, sending “from” an e-mail address doesn’t change the
SMTP server.

[2] Even when selecting the intended SMTP server, due to bugs which I
didn’t have time to investigate, I’ve experienced mails sent through an
unintended SMTP server.

I don’t recommend using multiple e-mail addresses in the same e-mail
client unless no harm done if these get mingled.

Under this discourse forum user account settings
(/preferences/account) it is possible to add alternative e-mail
addresses. All e-mails coming from these addresses would then be
accepted for reply via e-mail.

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