discourse mailing list mode - non-JavaScript way to interact with the discourse forums

Quote somewhere on the internet:

Discourse can be configured in “mailing list mode”, where it sends an email per message, and allows replies the same way as well. Of course, users who find this annoying have an option to either disable emails completely, or switch to daily/weekly digests (similar to GGroups).

Could this provide a non-JavaScript way to interact with the discourse forums?


Yes sounds good enough.

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Need to figure out how to use this. If any changes by forum admin are required. I’ve changed the e-mail user trust level to new user (any user). I’ve enabled e-mail based creation of new subject in support forums for testing. If it works, can be enabled everywhere.

Should there be too much issues with spam, we might have to disable this.

Requires user documentation, open questions:

[all of this without creating a user account - which would be besides the point - unless it’s possible without JavaScript]

  • How to post a new thread? [yes, possible]
  • How to reply to existing subjects one was not subscribed before?
  • How to subscribe to a category or whole forum - without account - like to a mailing list?
  • Mailing list archive? How to view without javascript?

Any missing features we can suggest to discourse.org upstream.

Reply by e-mail works - I am using that often.

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Was creating new thread by mail done? If so, how to use it?


I found discourse incoming e-mail support to be unreliable.

Even the infrastructure needed to debug it is missing.

Hence if I reply by e-mail I yet have to check later if it actually arrived in the forums. Therefore I am using it rarely.

That’s why nothing changed since my previous post.

I didn’t and nobody else did that either. Most likely won’t happen unless contributed.

Still true. Feel free to research and test this.