Different IPs on different Websites

Hi guys,

  • I’m just getting into the use of whonix.
  • I read most of the documentation, except the parts for advanced linuxusers, which I am not.
  • I downloaded the images, signatures and checked them.
  • I then simply imported the images to virtual box and started both.
  • I didn’t change anything in the TOR-configuration. I’m used to using the Tor-Browser-Bundle.

When I open both VMs now and check my IP inside the Whonix-Workstation with different Websites designed for that purpose, I get different IPs back.
Did I miss something important in the documentation? Is this supposed to be this way? If it is, why?
I also checked the IP of my Host-OS, and I get another different result back, which is my own real IP, so it seems that I’m “anonymous” but I’m still confused.

I’d appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Whonix doesn’t anonymize your host. You are supposed to do anonymous stuff only in the workstation.

About the different IPs, yes, that’s expected and is documented here:

Hahaha, yes I know I’m supposed to use the Workstation for the anonymous things, just checked the host IP, to check wether it’s the same with any of the other IPs I got back.
Thanks for the help.