Debilitating the Host OS with Whonix

I need to utilize Whonix for research and I will go to the cafe everytime I need to use Whonix. My worry is that when I go to the cafe and connect my PC my MAC address and “Ubuntu” will match my home WiFi data making my TOR use recognizable and that I am going to the internet cafe to shroud it. I would prefer not to change my Host OS’ MAC address everytime I connect. Is there an approach to disable my Host OS and use Whonix exclusively? So it would appear as though the solitary association being made is Whonix and not my Host OS as well? I would prefer not to run a VPN on my Host OS and I need it arrangement so the Host OS doesn’t actually associate with the WiFi by any means ever. I intend to utilize VirtualBox on Ubuntu yet on the off chance that there is more secure virtualization programming for Ubuntu kindly advise me. Qubes is not possible on my equipment. TAILS isn’t feasible for me to utilize on the grounds that I need to download programs to speak with different activists. Whonix is the lone possibility. I’m dealing with certain touchy stories and my threat model is quite high. Using TOR in my country can result in jailing.