Debian installation ISO derivated -> Whonix-ws (distribution morphing) / Whonix-Workstation based Qubes HVM

Basically, i need the full desktop experience for some specific stuffs and want to know if would be a good idea to install a Debian HVM and distro-morph into Whonix Workstation. If i do it, it can decrease my security? It can result in anonymity issues like tor over tor?

Distro morphing Debian into Whonix is unsupported.

Fortunately, in this use case I don’t see why you would need to resort to distro morphing. PVH vs HVM is just a dom0 setting that you can flip.

Please exercise this with Debian first to avoid asking questions unspecific to Whonix.

You can most likely start with a Debian Template. I see no reason to go through an ISO installation procedure unless you have a specific reason for this (and “HVM” is probably an invalid reason). I am mentioning this since it might be the case you’re making a lot of assumptions of complex steps to take which are unfounded.

If you don’t use distribution morphing, which I don’t see why you would need that, then no… This one I don’t see how that would happen if the VM is still based on Whonix.

Whonix doesn’t make a lot assumptions about the virtualizer. As long as Qubes works as expected so will Whonix.

Whonix source code doesn’t have any concept of HVM vs not HVM. It does not try to determine this or take any specific action based on it.

This question is unspecific to Whonix.

I suggest to rephrase it.

If I use a Debian HVM, can it decrease my security?

Then redirect it to Qubes as per:

Self Support First Policy for Whonix /

Oh ok, sorry then. I thought it was supported, since Debian into Kicksecure is supported.

This is not about Qubes’s virtualization mode. I just need the full Desktop experience with graphical interface to be more practical with some softwares i need to use. Basically, i just confused about the way that distro morphing would work, since if u use any others Linux Distributions (ISO) on Qubes and use apt tor inside of it, you will have tor over tor issues. That’s why i just don’t morph my Debian ISO installation into Kicksecure. My concern is if morph my Debian installation to Whonix instead of Kicksecure could solve that problem.

Rephrased the title since i was not specific with my question.

Can one,

  1. start with a Debian based Template
  2. install packages required to get a full desktop environment with its own dedicated taskbar inside the VM etc. (“sudo apt install xfce”?)
  3. shtudown the VM
  4. enable HVM virtualization mode in dom0
  5. start using the full desktop environment?

I don’t know. But I don’t see why that would not work. That’s a question for Qubes, which I recommend to redirect to searching / Qubes as per Self Support First Policy for Whonix.

If that works, the same procedure could be applied for Whonix and I would be surprised if there is any difference.

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I tried it there and it worked for Debian, but not for Whonix. I just got a black screen trying that with Whonix. Steps that i made:

1-Create a new StandaloneVM called “whonix-ws” and started it
2-Opened an sh terminal with qvm-console-dispvm whonix-ws from dom0 terminal
3- Run sudo apt remove --purge qubes-gui-agent
4- Run sudo apt install xfce4 (This step is not required in Debian template but only in whonix, since xfce DE isn’t installed by default in qubes-whonix)
5- Run sudo systemctl set-default
6- Open Qube manager, go to whonix-ws settings → Advanced → Check “run in debug mode” and change the virtualization mode to HVM