Dark mode in whonix qubes


Is it possible to set the disposable whonix qube to dark mode? I’ve thought because whonix is based on debian i could use the documentation to make it. It is working fine with the qubes based on the debian-10 templates, but i’m not sure if whonix has everything to do this.

What i have thought:

  1. I would open the xfce terminal in the whonix-ws-15 template
  2. creating gtk-3.0 & gtk-4.0 folders in the ~/.config/ folder
  3. creating settings.ini file in the gtk-3.0 & in the gtk-4.0 folder with the content:
  4. shutdown the whonix-ws-15 template.

What do you think? Is it possible, or should i follow another way to achieve it?

Thanks any help!

More of Qubes question because once you can do it in Debian template you would be able as well to do it in Whonix and both depend on how qubes will react.

Already mentioned.

Good. Possible in theory in Whonix too. Probably some missing package[s]. I don’t know how. Suggest asking Debian / GTK as per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle.

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