cwtch messaging

Sarah Lewis built an asynchronous and group messaging solution on top of the Ricochet protocol written in Go.

This would be an interesting major addition to Whonix if there are enough resources to package it independently. I will open a ticket depending on feasibility.


/cc @iry because you are interested in Ricochet.


oh god a tech organization mainly based on girls ?

i rather use hotmail messenger and claim it is secure more than anything produced from that lab.

You don’t have to agree with their motivations or political views to benefit from their software. If its competently designed I don’t see the problem.

Sarah is ex-GCHQ now turned privacy activist. She knows her stuff and has released a lot of tools and data benefiting the Tor ecosystem and helped secure onionweb hosting.

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anyway its bad app until they prove its functionality and upload it to debian repos, otherwise its already deprecated/outdated app.

btw for e.g even onionscan , very outdated one (more than 2 years) without any updates/upgrades = i dont believe shes doing something in anyway but we will see for later what will happen.

i believe it will be a garbage app even if that organization worked on it, and i hope they prove me wrong.

There is plenty of good software that’s not packaged for Debian. They are being very honest that its still in an early phase but that’s usually a disclaimer made by modest devs who don’t want to deceive anyone. Until recently we had a disclaimer that Whonix is experimental, does this make us bad?

There comes a time when software stabilizes after it gains all the major features planned for it and then its a matter of maintaining it across OS updates. That’s nothing negative about it. Hopefully one day we reach this point. This is much better than bloated crapware that constantly gains irrelevant and useless code all the time to meet dev quotas before the next company meeting.

You are judging a book by its author and that’s a biased (irrational) opinion that you are perfectly entitled to.

Cwtch alpha debuts a couple of days ago

Includes Android prototype:

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