Currently, How many Guard relays are being used?

Currently How many Guard relays does TOR use by default?
IMPORTANT: AND in the normal Whonix VMs (non qubes-whonix) does that number of Guard relays have been modified or is it still the default number ? (according to Tor standards of course).

I’ve read at Whonix ™ and Tor Limitations this “The risk of this attack is less severe now that upstream (The Tor Project) has moved from using three guard relays to a single one.” which obviously suggests that recently the number of Guard Relays have been changed to 1, but that’s quite confusing to me since I’ve read somewhere else that it’s 3, not one, and in the official Tor website it doesn’t say anything about the current number of Guard relays that are being used (as far as I’ve been capable to search through the website).

So again WHAT is the current number of Guard relays that are being used by Tor and precisely in the Whonix Virtual Machines ???

See the link above for details. Short answer: NumEntryGuards is set to 1, and by default kept for 2 months.

Whonix doesn’t change default Tor parameters like this, otherwise it would be risky and a fingerprinting measure probably.

Apparently, Tor:

“picks and tracks 3 potential guards, but when it comes to using guards, it will prefer to use the same entry guards”

due to safety issues etc.

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“Same as Tor” indeed.

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Thank you.