Correct way to add more memory to Workstation under KVM?

I have read several instructional resources from around the net on this, but some conflict with each other, and most are geared toward internally created guests rather than imported QCOW2 files like Whonix uses.

To add/assign more memory to Workstation as a guest, is it sufficient to do:

# virsh setmaxmem Whonix-Workstation 16G --config
# virsh setmem Whonix-workstation 16G --config

…or is extra editing of he config file with sudo-nano necessary as well? If so, what is to be edited? The original .XML file used to set up Whonix during initial install, or a subsequent one created and stored somewhere else in another folder?

You can adjust ram settings from virt-manager in the same way you would have in VirtualBox.

I haven’t actually done it in Virtualbox before either. I presume it’s something GUI-intuitive like selecting a menu option to manage RAM?

Generally, I tend to access the forum here when away from Whonix, thus my inability to test things instantly after posting a message about it. But I will check into it later tonight when I’m able. Thanks…