Convention for linking to sites with onion addresses?

On Whonix forums and wiki, should links go to clearnet or onion address (if available)?

Onion because it’s onion + Whonix is a torrified OS.

Clearnet because it’s less phishable.

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Hi entr0py

I can think of a couple issues with using a onion address instead of clearnet.

  1. Not all forum and wiki visitors use Whonix/Tor. ( Think first time visitor- Whonix curious? )
  2. A Whonix user may visit the wiki/forum to troubleshoot for an inoperable system. They may have to use a clearnet browser.

I think when it comes to Best Practices onion would be the choice. Another thought, would it be plausible to have both clearnet and onion when available? I know it would be a pain in the …


Right. Ideally, forum could send users that arrive via onion to leave via onion links and same with clearnet.

Or maybe best left to clients to implement:
Forcing Onion Connections on


That’s the only thing we can do anyhow. Clearnet links by default and leaving onionization to users.