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Migration to our new phabricator bug tracker finished. Thanks to Jason Ayala who did most of the migration work!

Whonix Development Help Wanted!

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Why did we move to our self-hosted phabricator web app? Our Github issue tracker didn’t scale for Whonix since it’s a project at the size of a GNU/Linux distribution. Github doesn’t support roadmaps referencing tickets that are in different repositories/projects. Neither adding tickets to more than one roadmap is supported. And adding all tickets to one bug tracker rendered that tracker too crowded and therefore unusable. We’ve discussed this and agreed to move to use phabricator.

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some users like @Lilias have created accounts , but they are waiting for account approval.

i dunno if this is good to have as an option , doesnt do any real mitigating to any threat. (spammer can be spammer even after approval).

If we didn’t have manual approval the admins would be spending time deleting spam posts instead of developing. At one point we were getting 20-25 new account requests a day. The sysadmin took measures to help out with this but its only for temporary mitigation until a permanent solution can be found.



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It been 1 year before, thats not any more temporary.

Very unlikely that any better solution will be found until phabricator implements one.