Continuous Integration for testing application proxy leaks?

Has anyone tried using continuous integration tools like Travis CI to find proxy leaks in applications? The rough idea I had was to run all the existing unit/integration tests for the application, wrapped in something like strace -f -e trace=socket,getsockopt,setsockopt,getsockname,connect,bind,send,sendto,sendmsg,recv,recvfrom,recvmsg ./ and use grep on the resulting output to find any results that connect to anything other than the configured proxy. (This assumes that the application has good test coverage already.) I’m curious if someone has already tried to tackle this, or if there’s a better way.

(H/t to pabouk at socks - How can I test an application for proxy leaks? - Tor Stack Exchange for the idea of using strace.)

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Maybe better asked on tor-dev / tor-talk for wider input.