connection on Whonix extremly slow

i buy some new computer. and now connection on my VIRTUAL MACHINES IS VERY slow.

on host i have like 450kb/sec and on Whonix like 10-80kb/sec

i restarted tor many times and reboot computer but it dont help. btw some times speed is going well but it very rarely.

on my last computer i have good speed. what i can do tnx

i use wirelles and wired connection = the same

why it comes slow right now? can you help? i know that info what are umlinked. but its dont help me.

fucking tor going like 1kbs maximum

If restarts and waiting doesn’t help, maybe try changing your entry guard? Or even try using a bridge, is your ISP is throttling your Tor traffic.
Note: the persistent entry guard is a feature that helps to reduce the risk of an attack, so changing it often may harm your anonymity.

If just a specific website or hidden service is slow, maybe it’s not a problem on your end that you could solve.

i dont know why this happens. Its like in morning slow but on late day it can go okay very fast… but then can off and tor restart dont help. some strange shit

why some times tor just off. and no reload helps?

should i try use vpn befor tor or what? i dont whant change the guard cuz like u say this is not good for privacy

Do you live in a censored area?

It depends on your physical location, on local governments and ISPs, where you are using the internet. I don’t recommend to share this but you might want to discuss

Sometimes only 4G connections are throttled, but others work fine.

Indeed Tor is sometimes throttled by ISPs. user → VPN → Tor might help, but often such ISPs also throttle VPN connections. Unless you have someone in your area who would know this, your only chance is to try.

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