Connection failures

Very often a tor connection is dying. Web pages in Workstations TBB stop loading, arm monitor in Gateway shows no traffic, and when I test connection in Gateway, it is also dead, but show no errors…

Sometimes the connection outage takes 30 or 60 seconds and then it recovers, sometimes it dies absolutely, so I have to restart Workstation and Gateway. But after that, connection dropping out again and again.

Is it problem with Tor network? When I go to my host system and test connection, it works fine.

When a I was on Whonix 8, I dont remember such problems. Thanks.

Recent versions of Tor use only 1 entry guard. If it’s not that good, that could be the cause.

Strange, that I have not found other users complaining on the same issue.
I connect through VPN on my host system. Maybe some micro-failures in connection on my host can cause long time connection failures in whonix. But everytime when traffic in Whonix was dead, internet in host worked.

My evening: First start of whonix, connection was dead from beginning, writes two messages “Tried for 120 seconds to get a connection to [scrubbed]:433. Giving up. (waiting for circuit)”

I restarted Workst and Gateway, first 4 minutes connection was good and fast, but suddenly died.
Now its my third try, Im writing this reply feared whether it dies again or not.

Ran some internet speedtests on host and seems to be good there.

I have not noticed any recent deterioration in the quality or duration of Tor connections, which seem quite satisfactory. Admittedly, that’s from a non-Whonix desktop since that’s where I use Tor every day.

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