Connection bug/ drop = possibly de-anonymized?

hello, i was reading documentation about using tor and clearnet in same time in one network and now i’m a confused, i have read some post here also but its not really clear, at least i’m not sure.

So my understanding is that to be safe on tor, nothing except tor must be connected to the network, so not any other computer, phone.

-Most websites are centralized in clouds like google
-Any connection can have some bug and drop sometime, even if it’s short and rare, we better all assume this fact
In this case, if a tor connection and a clearnet one stop in the same time, it would be easy to de-anonymize a user for advanced adversaries.

Thats’s right? Looks like a pretty dangerous threat
In this case i think that phone are a real danger since most have connected app, like google and social medias.
VPNs could also be dangerous if monitored.

Also, on host (debian) i guess there are some process that use the internet, is it a risk too?

Yes, ideally there would be only Tor traffic and no clearnet traffic.

This would require something like Whonix-Host Operating System Live ISO, Whonix-Host Installer but it doesn’t exist yet at time of writing and there is no estimated time of arrival either. Help welcome.

For reference:

It’s a general Tor / anonymity question. Unspecific to Whonix.

For wider input, you could remove Whonix from the question, make it a question about the Tor Browser Bundle and ask in more general Tor / anonymity places.