Connecting to VPN client running on Host

I have a openvpn client running on Win 10 os, it is connected to a remote openvpn server via proxy(Tor).
Now in the guest os (Whonix Workstation) I want to connect a voip client to the openvpn client.

The openvpn client runs on ip address of 10.8.x.x
Whonix workstation 10.152.x.x

The reason I’m running openvpn in the first place is to tunnel SIP traffic which is UDP over tcp.

Is there a way where the SIP client running in Whonix can see the open vpn client on the host.

Do i need configure the firewall for this?

Welcome to Whonix forums and thank you for your question!

No. Unsupported.

That would be non-anonymous.

By design, any traffic originating from inside Whonix-Workstation must not be able to directly interact with software on the host operating system.

For connection scheme
the VPN software should be installed inside Whonix-Workstation.

Maybe some alternative here: