connect mobile modem to gatewey

Hi! I need manual for connect my usb network card or mobile modem to whonix-gatewey.


Default Configuration Whonix Users


  • Plug or integrate the mobile modem into the host operating system as its internet connection replacement (easy).
  • Plug the mobile modem into the Whonix-Gateway and only route Whonix-Gateway’s traffic through it, not the host traffic (difficult; undocumented and therefore not recommended).

Physically-Isolated Whonix Users

Use the second method outlined above. There is no host in the sense that the Whonix-Gateway is running bare-metal on a second computer.

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This don’t work.

To be expected. It certainly won’t work out of the box.

That means “certainly possible - but also certainly developer alike skills required to figure out how”.

I don’t have skill. Need manual.

Sorry, it’s unavailable. It does not exist.