Confused Newbie

I’m sure there is a simple and obvious answer to my confusion. Here is my issue. i downloaded and successfully imported both Gateway and Workstation VM. I ran the Gateway which automatically launched Tor and then I ran the Workstation. When I clicked on the link in the Workstation for these forums it told me Tor wasn’t installed so I downloaded and installed Tor. Now I’m running Tor in both the Gateway and the Workstation.

Doesn’t this contradict the advice given in the in the Do Not section to not run Tor over Tor?
Tips on Remaining Anonymous.

Is the user guide outdated?

Please don’t use Tor as a synonym for Tor Browser. That leads to confusion.

There is no contradiction. This is documented here:

(see footnote)

The link and footnote 27 explained all. The fog has lifted. Thanks for taking the time to reply.