Configuration deluge on tor

I know we already talked about this, but the Q&A I found here and googling doesn’t suit my issue.

I’ve read that I shouldn’t do that for several reasons (and take a look to the alternatives and probably an affordable seedbox will be the best option). Even though that, I’m struggling to get it working but currently I cant.

Based on what I read, to get it work, first all I have to run Tor browser and successful initiate it. I got that, tor browser running with all ok. Then I launched Deluge, Edit -> Preferences, and for each field (Peer, Web seeds, Tracker and DHT) Sockv5,, port 9050 and restart Deluge. But doesn’t work at all… Deluge is working good without that configuration.

I’ve been trying to track that with Wireshark, I noticed that source port for TCP Tor connections is 9666. Also tried that port and get nothing. Also tried as Sockv4 and Sockv5 W/ Auth. Ping at is ok and I can ‘ssh’.

nmap -> 22/25/80/111/631/9418 are open.

Well then you already know it is the digital equivalent of being an asshole. It’s easy enough to get working if you are determined but we won;'t go out of our way to help you drain limited resources that some people badly need.

Where did that come from? You defintely don’t need to do this when using Whonix.