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Conecting Whonix Gateway to hosts Wifi interface


My setup is a Linux host machine, running multiple VMs on VirtualBox. One of these VMs is Whonix Gateway and I push traffic from selected VMs through the Whonix gateway. Everything here works well, with “normal” VM traffic going through my main wired host interface, and my anon traffic going through the Whonix gateway.

I’ve now added a second interface to my host (wireless). I want my Whonix gateway to connect to my host WiFi interface.

My options seem to be:

In VirtualBox, connect the Whonix gateway to my WLAN network. This means all VMs connected to the Whonix gateway will go out over the WLAN interface of my host.

The other option, which I’d prefer but can’t see a way to get it working - is to connect the Whonix gateway directly to my WiFi adapter. This way I don’t need to configure the WiFi on my host machine. The Whonix gateway connects directly to my USB wireless adapter.

Is this possible? I know Whonix doesn’t care about the host interface - it will use whatever’s available. Using VirtualBox network settings, I can point it to the hosts WLAN interface rather than wired. I’ve not done this yet, but believe it’s possible and shouldn’t be too hard.

I just don’t want my host connecting to the wifi. I’d rather Whonix connects directly to the WiFi via USB adapter, but can’t see how. I can attach my USB adapter to Whonix VM, but there’s no options to connect within Whonix.

Is what I’m talking about even possible, or will I just need to connect Whonix to my host’s wifi interface?

Thanks in advance!

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