Comprehensive Guide to Installing and Using a Safer Anonymous OS

is the latest published version 1.7.2?

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yes. and it’s obsolete. you can probably get it to work for the most part. but, it will require you to figure out workarounds for the steps that fail, whether they be outdated links or software that is no longer supported.

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Due to enigmail unfortunately being deprecated… Nowadays integrated into Thunderbird…

Thunderbird 78 Deprecates Enigmail

I’ve moved the page (removed _and_Enigmail) from page title.

Unfortunately many screenshots got invalidated, had to be removed by this change too.

And removed mentions of torbirdy too since no longer available and required.

torbirdy replacement

Added a notice on top of the page.

Part of this wiki page on the topic of OpenPGP encryption is outdated. This is due to the enigmail extension recently becoming no longer available. OpenPGP encryption functionality is now built-in Thunderbird [archive]. Documentation is yet to be updated. Contributions are welcome.