Comprehensive Guide to Installing and Using a Safer Anonymous OS

@pano. the guide will likely remain unavailable until whonix 14 is finalized. the reason for this is largely due to the instant messenger options. the last public version of the guide used pidgin, which i have wanted to dump in favor of something more secure for awhile. a new beta version of the guide was shared in which pidgin was replaced with tor messenger. however, within a few weeks of the beta version being shared, the author of tor messenger said that the project was discontinued.

i am going to use coyim in the next version of the guide. however, coyim is not available in the debian repos for whonix 13 due to the fact that whonix 13 is based on jessie. whonix 14, however, is based on debian stretch and coyim is included in stretch’s repos. if a new version of torbirdy makes its way into the stretch repos, the guide will likely be back to a state where all software can be installed through debian’s repos.

I would be very interested to see the guide as is it and ignore any messaging options :slight_smile:

@pano. it needs too much work at the moment. i’d have to explain steps to ignore. however, i will likely be finishing up a new beta version over the next few days in anticipation of whonix 14. the content of the new beta guide, excluding the instant messenger chapter, should work fine with whonix 13. i’ll let you know when it is available if you are interested.

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That will be great, thank you!

quote https://phabricator.whonix.org/T895

wget -c -e robots=off -r -l1 -nd -P ./ -np “https://cdimage.debian.org
-A “firmware-9..-amd64-netinst.iso”

Quite a long command. Did you also consider curl, scurl, scurl-download or aria2?

this is a similar curl command, which is just as long:

for file in $(curl -s https://cdimage.debian.org
| grep -o firmware-9..-amd64-netinst.iso | sed ‘s/.*>//’);
do curl -L -O https://cdimage.debian.org
/cdimage/unofficial/non-free/cd-including-firmware/current/amd64/iso-cd/$file; done

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Some variables must be quoted for security. https://mywiki.wooledge.org/Quotes

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ahh. right.

for file in “$(curl -s https://cdimage.debian.org
| grep -o firmware-9..-amd64-netinst.iso | sed ‘s/.*>//’)”;
do curl -L -O https://cdimage.debian.org
/cdimage/unofficial/non-free/cd-including-firmware/current/amd64/iso-cd/"$file"; done

version 1.7.2 is available in PDF form.


i am about half way done with the new version. if you want the old version, it is available here. but, again, it is very obsolete.




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Thanks tempest. Really look forward to the new version!


I have lost some days try finding this and only found the 2017! Thank you a lot!

i want to emphasize again that version 1.7.2 is obsolete and, thus, very broken. the instructions are for debian stretch and whonix 14. therefore, if you follow it step by step, it’s not going to work. there have been a number of software developments and related issues which are still causing troubles, such as torbirdy not working with thunderbird and coyim no longer being in the debian repos.

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I have faced with that… I am using Debian 10. some problem when chapter 2B. update-grub dont detect the /dev/sdX. But, maybe my vm configuration problem :wink: I am using VMware with a USB 64GB (to install debian) As a Physical hdd drive (on VM Storage hdd type). and other usb stick to prepare the key boot. I will try as possible on physical machine

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a new beta version will be released shortly, which i will be posting here. the remaining chapters that need to be adjusted are for instant messenger, where i am currently torn between using either gajim or wire, and the email chapter where thunderbird has some issues due to torbirdy support no longer existing. so, if you’d like to test it out, you’re better off waiting for the beta version.


I will wait and I can test without a problem.
I’m currently on the grub part. :wink:
Sugestion? a Chapter 2C - USB Installation and USB Key (2x USB drives) ? :X

Update. Now I am getting this (on pic).

WOW DONe. grub-upgrade take several hours (i think. i am not present)
I have done other procedure!

Try increase VM RAM to 2 GB if you have enough RAM available.

have 8GB. I think maybe USB HUB doesn’t working at USB 3.1
I am on chapter 3 have some new procedures to install virtualbox o/

again, just be aware that the guide is very broken. so, there will be new procedures in a number of places. the latest version i’m hoping to complete soon does not even use virtualbox.

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