Comprehensive Guide to Installing and Using a Safer Anonymous OS


@pano. the guide will likely remain unavailable until whonix 14 is finalized. the reason for this is largely due to the instant messenger options. the last public version of the guide used pidgin, which i have wanted to dump in favor of something more secure for awhile. a new beta version of the guide was shared in which pidgin was replaced with tor messenger. however, within a few weeks of the beta version being shared, the author of tor messenger said that the project was discontinued.

i am going to use coyim in the next version of the guide. however, coyim is not available in the debian repos for whonix 13 due to the fact that whonix 13 is based on jessie. whonix 14, however, is based on debian stretch and coyim is included in stretch’s repos. if a new version of torbirdy makes its way into the stretch repos, the guide will likely be back to a state where all software can be installed through debian’s repos.


I would be very interested to see the guide as is it and ignore any messaging options :slight_smile:


@pano. it needs too much work at the moment. i’d have to explain steps to ignore. however, i will likely be finishing up a new beta version over the next few days in anticipation of whonix 14. the content of the new beta guide, excluding the instant messenger chapter, should work fine with whonix 13. i’ll let you know when it is available if you are interested.


That will be great, thank you!