Compartmentalization Error (Bleachbit)

I had that feeling of taken on Anon-Whonix-ws (more on how the feeling came about at the bottom of the posting).

  1. I installed Bleachbit (sudo apt-get install bleachbit or something like that). I DISCONNECTED the VM from whonix-gw and ran Bleachbit (sudo and normal). What’s the worst it can happen? Maybe delete the AppVM and recreate ir…

To my surprise Qubes 4 RC4 lost all com links between all the VMs to firewall, net and whonix-gw. So much for Compartmentalization…

Optiplex 980

Just a tip! You better run iptraf-ng in all the VMs you have ON and check the logs ( and that is how you get that special feeling sometimes).

I don’t want to insult anybody so I stop now…

I don’t understand your post.

  1. You ran bleachbit on your whonix workstation (ie anon-whonix)?
  2. All of the netVMs for your OTHER vm’s were reset? What does “lost all com links” mean?

What is “that special feeling”? Who do you think would be insulted? Xen, Qubes, Debian, Whonix, Intel devs?

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Why use bleachbit? Seems better to shred/remove old VM images and use new instances from a clean template on a regular basis(?)

Bleachbit seems counter-intuitive.

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The point is not Bleachbit which I used successfully in 3.2 also. The point is compartmentalization and using Iptraf-ng to see that I was penetrated. People that do SCADA have Ethernet taps with signal analysis. I’m so sick of bull talk and ZERO delivery with quotes from famous people. Things described in these links happen to me every week with Qubes and Whonix!

Keep drinking the KoolAide of how secure you are and ignore Iptraf-ng or Ethernet tap!

If the point is not Bleachbit why even bring it up?

Why not just say that instead of speaking in riddles?

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