Codename and version number in future wallpaper?

Now that we have an offer for a custom wallpaper…

What about adding the codename of current release to the wallpaper?

What about adding the version of current release to the wallpaper?

Tiny in a corner. Seems a good idea to me.

Good idea but first we need a code name?

I was planning on suggesting using code names but I didn’t come up with any other arguments besides “It’s cool & Debian does it too!”.

Oh, don’t be concerned about the codename itself. Cerberus and I have plenty of good ideas for that. :wink:

Wallpaper says Whonix 9. Whonix 9.1 gets released. A problem? Modification of the wallpaper?

It would be best if we had code to automatically adjust the wallpaper text using a script. Text on Whonix-Gateway is added by a script. Although that function was added in a rush and can be vastly improved.

Whonix 9: “The one that comes after 8, but before 10”

Sounds fun. If you’re willing to write that auto-text script (and make it less ugly than the current gateway text…) go for it.

We get a nice fancy wallpaper, using a script to insert version/codename would ruin all that.

IMO, either the artist makes a few versions of the wallpaper, different version tag on each (Whonix 8, Whonix 8.1, Whonix 8.2, … Whonix 8.9) or we drop this idea.

Art and automated scripts don’t go together, I agree.

But asking an artistic contributor to do busy work is too much as well.

So, either no version number/codename or only main version number/codename